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Patrick Demeritte, Garry Greenslade a Brenden Glinton

Key Personell: About Me
G. Greenslade 2.jpg

Garry Greenslade

CEO & President

Completed his early education
and graduated from AF Adderley Senior High School. At the age of
eighteen (18) he joined the Royal Bahamas Defense Force, where he
served his country for more than Nineteen (19) years before pursuing his
dreams of becoming a full time entrepreneur .

During his early years and while in the Defense Force, he also managed
the security program of the then developing and now luxurious Bakers Bay
Resort on Guana Cay in the Abaco. His decision to fully serve his country
became his priority, therefore he committed to doing just that.

He participated in many specialist training while on the Defense Force and
was recognized as one of the forces most elite marines. His international
training and exposure awarded him numerous certificates in character
development, leadership, protective security, dignitary/high profile
protections, techniques of close combat/ counter terrorism, first aid,
firefighting, combat medic, sniper, weapon handling, military vehicle & convoy driving, and navy seals training. In 1994, he and group of marines
were selected, and served in Haiti as a part of a multilateral joint force in
the operation “Uphold Democracy”.

In 2008, he resigned the Royal Bahamas Defense Force as he was given
the opportunity to pursue other goals and aspirations. He joined the ICS
Group of Companies as Vice President of Business Development. In 2010,
he ventured into the entertainment and restaurant business as owner of
“Da Beagle Sports Bar & Restaurant “. In 2012, he rejoined the ranks of the
Royal Bahamas Defense Force and was immediately given the
responsibility of Lead Instructor within the Infantry Department, until
resigning in March of 2015. He is also a sitting member of the Bahamas
Ministry of Tourism, Safety & Security Committee.

Mr. Greenslade is a family oriented man, religious enthusiastic, and busy
minded. He strongly believes in the quote “a real leader not only leads his

team to where they are going, but to where they have never been before”.
Henry Kissinger.

B. Glinton 2.jpg

Mr. Brenden G. Glinton

Vice President of Administration

After graduating high school at R.M Bailey Senior, Mr. Glinton enlisted with
the Royal Bahamas Defense Force, where he served his country for more
than nineteen (19) years participating in a number of training exercises.
The specialized training Regional and at home, afforded Mr. Glinton the
opportunity to amass the knowledge and skills needed to further develop
his leadership qualities and character traits. This also enabled him to
receive a number of specialized training and exercise certificates in
Land/Sea Navigation, Maritime Law Enforcement, U.S 3rd Special Forces
Training, U.S Navy Seals Training, Sniper Familiarization, U.S Coast Guard
Training, Fast Boat and small water craft operator and Tradewinds/Caricom
Military Training where he participating in the Peace keeping Mission to
Haiti (1994).

Mr. Glinton joined ICS Security as a Security Consultant and was quickly
elevated to Executive Director of Security with responsibility for direct
communications between The Company, Officers and Clients. He also
spearheaded and organized many security programs and initiatives for
Clients and major events.

Mr. Glinton is a strong headed individual with a solid spiritual foundation
who believes that challenges make an individual more responsible, that
there is no success without struggles; and it’s not worth doing if it’s not
done right.

Key Personell: Team Members
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