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Security Surveillance

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Man Guard Security

PointMan Security offers a number of on- site, manned security programs
to fit your needs. We have recruited experienced officers, including former
law enforcement personnel. This service provides a security officer in full
uniform, and equipped with his/her apparatus on the client’s property for
the purpose of creating a security presence. Our service is extended to all
industries from construction Zones, Banks, Hotels, Restaurants, Gated
communities, Maritime Facilities, Retail stores, Events, and other
commercial properties.

Alarm Response

Equipped with the knowledge, experience, and expertise, our team when
contacted, will respond as the first responders and determine the
seriousness of the alarm, and take appropriate actions needed to resolve
the situation. The client will be updated as mandatory.

Security Alarm
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Close Protection

Our highly trained agents have the ability to assess any threat level,
eliminate the threat, move our principals out of a threat area, while
protecting high profile clients, and dignitaries.

Security Guard with Dog

Guard K9

We have well trained dogs, with handlers, capable of protecting properties,and sniffing out contraband.

Guard Tour Services

PointMan Agents will conduct/provide Guard Tour Service checks of all locations, and record the checks electronically. All findings and updates will be forwarded via recording devices to the client/clients representative for
transparency, and documentation.

Services: Services
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